Bath & Body Works’ New Collection Will Make Your Home Smell Like a Hotel

On your next family vacation, there’s no need to remove the goods from the hotel bathroom because Bath & Body Works is introducing a new aromatherapy line that will recreate the fun without any of the work.

You won’t need an essential oil diffuser to benefit from this new collection, even though some scents are proven to help with anxiety relief or provide other physical and mental advantages.

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With the calming odors of travel supporting it, this new collection of fragrances is designed to promote self-care and assist you in focusing on your objectives.

Four perfume combinations with a spa theme are included in the new Aroma collection, each with a different purpose:

1. Clear your mind, feel refreshed, and reset with Fresh Start, a blend of sage and cedarwood essential oils.

2. Sandalwood and vanilla essential oils are used in the de-stressing and re-centering blend Simply Unwind.

3. A revitalizing and energizing boost blended with neroli blossom and bergamot essential oils.

4. Eucalyptus and lavender essential oils are used in the revitalizing blend, Breathe Deep.

Each scent is available in a variety of products, including an essential oil mist, hydrating body cream, salt body scrub, moisturizing body lotion, and foaming bath and body wash, so you can relax while the soft scents fill the air and leave a calm, focused aura for whatever tasks you have to complete that day.

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